Ever think that it is possible to make a Undeletable folder in your Windows???

You may required a folder which no one can delete.Actually this can be done by using your Command Prompt

So lets made a Undeletable Folder :-

  • Open you command prompt by typing cmd in run command Or by Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt,
  • Now in the command prompt type the directory name where you wanna make folder like i am going to create in D drive so I will type D: and hit Enter
  • Now type type md con and hit Enter button,

  • Now Navigate to the directory where you created folder and the folder will be there,
  • Now try to delete it and you wont be able to delete it

Now if you wanna delete it then it can be done only via Command Prompt,Here It Is:-

  • Repeat the above first 2 steps and in 3rd step type rd con to delete and hit Enter,

  • That’s It