Google has launched Google+ as an social networking site to compete with Facebook in the market. Many users has accepted it and joined it. Like we have Pages on Facebook, Google too has released Pages for blogs and websites.

Google hasn’t released its API for public so that developers can make tools which can auto-publish post from your blogs and keep your Followers update. Till now you manually need to login and publish your post on it.

But HootSuite has made your work a little easy. It allows you to auto-publish your blogs post on your Google Plus page. To get started visit the site and make account if you haven’t, after making account you will be taken to Dashboard, You will find Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn option there, click on Add a Different Social Network.


Now click on the Google+ icon from left hand side and then it will ask you to connect your account with, just go with it.


Once you allow access it will show all pages associated with your Google+ account, Just select the one on with you wanna auto-publish.


Now your page will appear on HotSuite Dashboard, Now we need to publish RSS feed to page so for this just hover you mouse on the left side of you screen and then click on Setting –> RSS/Atom.


Now click on the Plus icon to add RSS feed to it, It will open a new window where you need to add details of RSS feed.


Now in new window you need to enter details of your blog like its feed address, Feed posting time and so on, once you are done click on Save Feed.


That’s it at last you will see your account is linked to auto-publish on which page.



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