Yesterday an Hyderabad based company has launched a new app, the WowSome which takes your way of communication to new level, WOWSOME is an advertising medium which uses augmented reality at its core for marketers and publishers, its an interactive platform that transforms static images to dynamic content that engages the consumer. Enabling brands to show a different story using one medium with the help of sophisticated technology.


Marketers can use WOWSOME to create interactive banners or posters , with which marketers can give their customers a real time information and elevate situation based content with WOWSOME, they can surprise them with innovative ads, let customers share them on social media, make your brand the center of conversation, showcase your product with 3D views, boost brand recognition, update prints in real time, inspire emotion that transforms your customers into hardcore fans of your brand. Make your prints talk, play music, dance and come alive with animation.

Mr. Vishal Reddy, Founder CEO, WOWSOME, said,

“Augmented reality is a science of computer vision that creates enhanced view of the real world with virtual/digital information, usually through a device. Our intention behind launching WOWSOME is to break the lost remaining disconnect between your real and digital life. WOWSOME is the next mass medium of advertising for brands across various sectors. With this innovative app, we are currently enjoying serving our early adopters across Luxury, Media Houses, Real Estate, Retail and FMCG. We are expanding our client base to help every brand enjoy the benefits of this medium.”

Mr. Koran Bhangay, Co-Founder, WOWSOME, commented,

“We are extremely ecstatic about formally announcing the capabilities of WOWSOME in Mumbai and Delhi. We aim at educating brands about how WOWSOME is a mobile augmented reality medium that can transform the way they interact with their stakeholders. Understanding the need of brands to employ innovative methods of communicating with their stakeholders, we have designed WOWSOME in a way that it helps them reach their audiences in an effective and unique manner. The ultimate goal of WOWSOME is to create an interface whereby the user is unable to tell the difference between the real world and its virtual augmentation.”

Check out some videos of this app :-



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