Saturday, May 15, 2021

Analyze PC Issues With Webroot System Analyzer

Many times we run into some of pc issue like its not responding properly, crashing on regular interval or it has become very slow. You might not notice many issue unless you...

Make Windows Vista And Windows 7 Logon Screen Transparent

Sometime we are not using our computer but also don’t wanna shut down it due to some reason, like sometime I like to enjoy videos on computer by locking it so...

Backup And Restore Your Bookmarks

Portable utility to easily backup and restore all your Bookmarks! This utility works with all web browsers.

Generate Hash Code With Easy Hash

Many times you need to verify Hash Code of downloaded files so that you can verify that file that you had downloaded is not corrupted or nor edited by any third person.

Monitor Folder Or Disk For Any Modification With FolderChangesView

Many times we need to monitor the changes or modification made in a particular folder or drive, Here is a simple and free utility to monitor all such changes.

Get The Current Username Host-name etc In Windows

today i am going to share a small and useful utility WHO I AM which lets you know the computer name, host-name,current logged in user, directory user and form how much...

Launch Multiple Application With Just One Click

Did you ever wanted to launch more then one application with just one click??? We all use more then one application while doing work on PC like me at this time I...

Download Desktop Tool Of VirusTotal [Unofficial]

VirusTotal is an nice online web service which allows to scan any file by uploading it, but now you can scan any file right from your desktop.

Download Portable Version Of Microsoft Fix It

Microsoft Fix It is a nice tool which allows you to automatically apply best solution for your Windows, Now you can get portable version of it too.

“Windows 8 Tweaker” Released, Enable Many Hidden Features

As Windows 8 Build 7850 is already leaked and many of you had downloaded and running it, we are continuously reporting about all the features found in Windows 8 Beta. Lots of...


Fitness Wearable Global Brand Mio Global Entered Into Indian Market

In recent times we had seen Indian market is becoming hub and its attracting more and more tech companies from all around the world,...