Monday, February 24, 2020

Embed Fonts Into MS Word Or MS PowerPoint While Sharing

If you use some uncommon fonts on your Word or PowerPoint files to make them attractive, they might not look on others computer as they do on your.

Get Notified When Important Mail Arrives In Outlook

No doubt on that Microsoft Outlook is one of the best desktop email client out there for Windows, Outlook come with lots of features and nice interface. If you too...

How To Add Picture As Signature In Outlook

Almost all of us aware of Email signatures, they are text or links that automatically appears at the end of each email which you write or create. But do you...

Download MS Office 2010 Starter Edition For Free

There is no doubt on that MS Office is one of the best office suit available for use, you can perform lots of activities on it. But if...

Remove Duplicate Content From Outlook

If you using MS Outlook for accessing emails and you had merge contacts from other apps like Thunderbird or so, then you might find duplicate contacts. Here is...

How To Disable PROTECTED View In MS Outlook 2010

If you use MS Outlook for fetching your emails then you must know that if you had received any documents like Word or Excel file then it will be...

Microsoft Released MS Office 2007 SP 3

Microsoft has released SP (Service Pack) 3 for its Office suite, MS Office 2007, this update fixes several bugs and have many improvements in it. These updates include...

Microsoft Released Uninstaller Tool For MS Office SP1

On MS Office 2003 or 2007 Service Pack once installed cant be uninstalled unless you remove whole Office product, but in MS Office 2010 you can remove SP1 using control panel....

Microsoft Released Office Web Apps Browser Plugin For MS Office 2003 And 2007

If you are a Mozilla Firefox fan and use it more then here is a nice Office Web Apps Browser Plugin for you. Microsoft has released Office Web Apps Browser...

Microsoft Released Update To Fix MS Office 2010 Service Pack 1 Installation Failure

Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 for MS Office 2010 some time back, many people downloaded it and used but some of them were unable to install it as they encounter...


Add “My Browser” Shortcut In Desktop Context Menu

If you use multiple web browsers very frequently then this trick is for you,today we are going to share a trick from which you...