Many times it happened that you had created a MS Word file and you had used some beautiful fonts on it so that it will look great when anyone open it, but when you send it to other people like your friends or boss then they will get some unreadable sentences or whole file.

It happened because you had used some fonts which you had downloaded on your computer but they might not be present on others computer and when they open file they will get a corrupted like file.

So how to fix it, well solutions are simple :-

  • Don’t Use Uncommon Fonts :- Well you can skip using those fonts which are not common and you had downloaded specially on your computer.
  • Sent those fonts which you had used in file as an attachment with file and ask your friend to install them.

Well both cases are not good and you wont prefer to follow them, so here is simple way. If you using MS Office 2010 (not sure about previous version) then you can embedded fonts in your file and then send it, your friend will open file as he normally do and get all those beautiful fonts too.


To embed fonts open MS Word or MS PowerPoint and the click on File->Options and then click on Save from left sidebar and then check Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation, you can reduce the size of file by checking Embed Only The Character Used In The Document.

Now send your document and reader will see all fonts clearly as they are now embedded inside file itself, you can follow this step same on PowerPoint too.


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