If you are using or used Android smartphone then you must have used or at least heard about an app, Clean Master which clean your Android smartphone by removing all junk files from it so that you will have a optimized and faster device.

The same software is now available for PC as well and perform same function, unlike other system cleaner which scans selective directories, this app scans your whole system and looks for different kinds of junk files on your system.

Once you install, it will scan your whole system and after scanning it will show how much junk files you have on your system. It shows junk files under different categories like System Junk Cache which has files from your recycle bin, OS files, system files, temp files, and log files. In this Clean Master scans your temporary file folder.

Web Cache are the files which are stored by your web browsers when you start surfing web. These files are stored by your web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

Clean Master For PC
Clean Master For PC

Software Junks are the files which are stored by different software’s when you use them like MS Office, Adobe Reader/Photoshop, VLC, Skype or so on. While Registry junks are those entries or profile which are installed by software’s but are no longer is in use.

Once you scan your system, it will scan your system and shows how much junk file you have on your system, one top right you will see a Clean Now button, once your press, it will clean all junk files from your system. As per developer’s this app scan over 500 popular applications and clean junk of those apps.

Sometime there are some files which you dont want to get deleted, for this you can mark them as ignore and Clean Master wont perform any task on those files.

We had tested this app on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, it worked like charm. You can download it from HERE.


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