Do you surf net a lot and use your then here is something for you, EasyPeasy is an Linux based OS, and it is specially build for surfing internet.


EasyPeasy formerly named Ubuntu Eee is a Linux-based operating system for netbooks. EasyPeasy is built upon Debian and Ubuntu.

Yet it is build on Ubuntu and Debian but it is designed to consume less battery power.It uses latest Ubuntu base and it come with some widely used application like Adobe flash.

The one thing I liked most is that rather then using all Open-Source software’s it also, well known proprietary software.

EasyPeasy is a lightweight open source operating system (OS) for your netbook or ultra portable laptop. The OS is optimized for web surfing and provides easy access to your favorite Internet applications like Skype, Firefox, etc. EasyPeasy is designed for low power consumption

Features :-

  • An instant online and social desktop using cloud computing services
  • An environment-friendly and green OS designed for low power consumption
  • Access to your favorite applications and services, whether they are open source or proprietary

You may use following link to download it :-



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