Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Get Shorten URL Just from your Address bar

Nowdays almost everyone is using Shroten URL service to short the length of any long URL, But the thing is that to get shorten URL you have to visit there...

Analyze Your Facebook Profile With WolframAlpha

If you wanna analyze your Facebook profile then you can use this free tool provided by WolframAlpha, which shows detailed information regarding your account.

Earn Money By Implementing Captcha On Your Blog

If you are implementing Captcha on your blog to fight with SPAM then why dont you start earning money from that too.

Chrome Uses HTML5 As Default On YouTube

We all know that Flash is a popular video player which has been in used from a long period of time, even if you take a look at most of the...

Microsoft Released Best “Fix It”, To Automatically Diagnose And Repair Common Computer Problems

Microsoft Fix it troubleshooters help you automatically diagnose and repair problems with common computer problems, such as audio, Internet, and printing problems. If your problems aren't fixed, Fix it troubleshooters provide...

Windows 8 Build 7959 Milestone 3 Server Edition Leaked

As expected and waited by many user around the world, Windows 8 latest build 7959 is leaked and it is available to download. The full build in number of this leaked is...

Twitter Announced #Music App For iOS

Today Twitter has announced its new app for its #music service on iOS platform. This service will track the music activity on Twitter, it will be very helpful for new and...

Now Upload Documents In Google Docs By Just Drag And Drop

Google is really doing hard to make its Docs simple and useful for users,Google Docs are one of best alternatives of MS Office, because it provides almost all basic features of...

Create RSS Feed Of Any Public Google Plus Updates

Till now Google hasnt released any support for RSS Feed of Google Plus profiles but here is a simple way to get those feeds.

Now Google Will Tell Your IP Address

Many times we need know our IP address and in that case we visit Google and type query as What Is My IP Address and then it shows thousand of result...


iPhone 5 Vs iPhone 4S Vs iPhone 4

With the launch of iPhone 5, Apple has dropped support for iPhone 3GS and currently selling iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4, Here is a quick comparison of it