Google is the best source of information, no matter what kind of information you need, just go to the Google page and search there, Google not only provide you text based results but it also gives your images on the basis of your search.

But many times we get images in which we want different background or no background at all. You can easily remove background using Adobe Photoshop but its and heavy and costly tool and not all of us can afford it.

Well if you are looking for an easy to use and free solution then you can use ClippingMagic, its an free to use online service which allows you to remove background from your image.


With ClippingMagic you can easily remove the background from your photos to create masks, cutouts, or clipping paths. This service supports drag and drop feature so you can easily upload your image.

Once your image is online you can select the portion which you want to delete and portion which you wants to retain.


The background is removed by adding an alpha channel, with a suitably feathered boundary. You can also share the download link, to avoid sending large files by email.


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