If you use MySpace regularly then here is a MySpace plugin which allows you to access MySpace in your Outlook and stay connected with your friends.

Features Of MySpace plugin:-

  • Uses Microsoft’s Social Connector to add the “People Pane,” which shows a profile picture and other MySpace info for each contact who’s also a friend
  • Creates a special MySpace Contact List
  • Shows your friends’ status updates and other Stream activities
  • Provides one-click access to your friends’ profiles
  • Enables you to easily email your friends

How To Insatll:-

How To Use It:-

  • To see your MySpace friends, go to Contacts and click on MySpace.
  • To see a friend’s activity and status updates, double-click on their name in the contact list.
  • To see activity and status updates for a MySpace friend whenever an email from them is open:
    1. Add that friend’s email address to the Contact list entry under E-mail… / E-mail 2. MySpace email addresses are private, so you need to add your friend’s email address yourself.
    2. Your friend’s activities will now appear in the People Pane while viewing an email message from them.
  • Click on the links in the People Pane to see more detail for the activity and status updates on MySpace.


Ms Outlook 2003/2007/2010 for Windows



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