Many times my frnds frequently ask me that is there any way to boot window in safe mode without pressing F8 key, as all of as knows that F8 key is required for booting windows in safe mode at the time of booting.

Some times it happens that you press the F8 key your key your system does not boot in Safe Mode because F8 key on your keyboard may malfunction and also pressing F8 key at right time is also very important to boot into safe mode while booting.

So to boot in safe mode without F8 key follow these steps:-

  • Navigate to run command and type msconfig and hit Enter,
  • Click the BOOT tab (for vista)/BOOT.INI tab (in XP),
  • Now in vista select the check box Safe boot and in XP select the check box /SAFEBOOT,
  • Make sure that minimal is selected (In both XP and in VISTA) and click Apply and OK.
  • The next time you reboot your computer it will automatically boot in safe mode.
  • When you done with your work in safe mode, open msconfig in safe mode and unclick the check box Safe boot and click Apply and OK


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