Asus Teases Its First Smartwatch ZenWatch, Will be launched In IFA

Still there is a week to IFA Berlin to kick off but we are seeing companies are announcing there devices to create hype just before there launches, like today¬†Samsung and LG has announced their smartwatch’s Gear S and G watch R respectively and to burn the floor Asus has jumped in and it has teases for its upcoming first smartwatch which will be called as ZenWatch.

Asus ZenWatch Teaser

Teaser video doesn’t reveal much about the smartwatch but it do shows it will have square display with curved edges which means it wont compete with Moto 360 or LG G Watch R in terms of look.¬†Asus is the official partner of Google Wear, special Android OS for wearable gadgets, so it will be powered by Google Wear.

This video give us closest look into device, however we didnt saw screen turned on but we are hoping very thin bezel in ZenWatch, another question which answer we are looking is at what price Asus will announce it, recently we had seen that Asus has announced ZenFone at very affordable price so we can hope Asus to repeat it.

Enjoy the video :-

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