Gaming laptops are becoming more and more powerful day by day and companies are also embedding more and more powerful features into them, and NVIDIA is also playing a vital role here, NVIDIA’s new mobile GPU allows you to play more powerful and graphic rich games. Asus ROG or Republic of Gamers series is always known for its design and build, and same can be seen on Asus ROG G751 which landed at TechnoArea couple of weeks back.

Asus ROG G751 Hood

We played with these monster for couple of weeks, and while this time period we tried to do almost everything which we could do on this beast, and after spending some quality time with it, here us our review.

Build And Design Of Asus ROG G751 :-

In past we had seen that Asus ROG series carries a design language which makes it stand out in crowd, this is the time when we are seeing laptops and notebooks becoming thinner and lighter and if you love this then some of you might not love Asus ROG G751 which is thicker and heavier as compared with most of laptops out there.

Asus ROG G751 Heating Winges

Many times companies try to do some extra ordinary experiments with device to make them stand out in crowd and in this they make something which looks wired, and same is the case with Asus ROG G751, instead of placing screen hinge at the corner of base, it is placed few inches inside of the edge letting out some space behind the lid, and it does look awkward, but I think Asus has moved screen little closer to user because this makes laptop less large.

Asus ROG G751 Top

Asus ROG G751 is a heavy laptop, with weight around 4 KGs, so if you are thinking you can carry this laptop with you and play games at your ease then think again, in our case most of the time it was layed on table, not even on our lap.

The lid has black matte finish with a brushed single metal plate which houses companies Asus and ROG logo and it does light up, at rear you will find two big fan vents which are painted in red color which do looks nice, rest of the machine is finished in black color soft matte finish which looks good but at the same time it invites your finger prints and smudges very easily.

Asus ROG G751 Right Side Port

When it comes to connectivity and ports then there are plenty of ports which you might require, on the right side you will find two USB 3.0 ports, a VGA connector, three audio jacks, Ethernet, HDMI and even a Thunderbolt port.

Asus ROG G751 Left Side Port

On left side you have two additional USB 3.0 ports, optical drive (a Blu-ray burner) and SD/MMC card reader.

Hardware And Specs Of Asus ROG G751 :-

Asus ROG G751 Powered Brand

When it comes to under the hood features then this beast has got all high end specs which you might require to play any game on it, it is powered by 4th Generation, Intel i7 4710HQ clocked at 3.75Ghz along with DDR3 24GB of RAM which can be expandable up to 32GB, it has got 1TB of Hard Disk, no SSD here and graphics are being handle by NVIDIA GeForce GTX860M with 2GB GDDR5 which supports up to 4K resolution games, it has 17.3 inch Full HD display screen which provide nice viewing angles.

Software Of Asus ROG G751 :-

Asus ROG G751 runs on 64 Bit Windows 8.1 Pro right out of the box, and as Microsoft has announced Windows 10 which is a free update, so you will be able to get yourself to latest version of Windows free of cost. Nothing is new in terms of OS, however company has made some tweaks like they had changed boot screen, you will find some gaming related apps pre-installed which will enhance your gaming experience.

Asus ROG G751 Gaming Center

Asus has included lots of software’s into it, most of the are not very useful and you might never use them, it comes with Asus Gaming Center which is quite useful which allows you to tweak with gaming profile, display, audio profile and and much more, other apps like ROG GameFirst III which monitors your bandwidth, ASUS LiveUpdate which checks Windows Update and some more are useless in my opinion.

Keyboard And Trackpad Of Asus ROG G751 :-

Asus ROG G751 Keyboard Light

Asus has tweaked keyboard of ROG G751 so that you can get most of the gaming experience while playing games, at first sight you might not love it, but spend some time and you will get used to it. You will find extra layer of red color on W, A, S, D keys and there is a small bump on W key which allows you to find it without looking down, its nice as while playing games you will be looking at screen only and not on keyboard. this keyboard provide satisfactory feedback.

Asus ROG G751 Record

On top of keyboard, you will find some shortcut keys, there is shortcut for Steam, which is an PC game distribution platform, press it and it will launch Steam, if installed, it will launches Big Picture mode, next button with camera logo will launches Nvidia’s Experience software package and the ShadowPlay feature built into it which allows you to record your gaming and there are some macro keys to launch Asus own Gaming Center which allows you to tweak with game profile, audio profile, local time and weather.

Asus ROG G751 Keyboard

Keyboard do support backlit, which not only allows you find keys in dark environment, and these red light also looks quite good.

In our test we couldn’t find anything wrong with the trackpad, its large enough to use and buttons on trackpad are good in size and they gives nice feedback on usage, and we don’t have any complaints over here as you might not be using this trackpad very often and you most probably use mouse to enjoy game.

Display And Audio Of Asus ROG G751 :-

Display is one of the main component of any gaming PC, it can make a deal or break deal for you, Asus ROG G751 comes with 17.3 inches full HD display screen with screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels which is normal for gaming laptop, Asus could have taken advantage of NVIDIA GTX860M which supports upto 4K resolution, but nevertheless FHD is okay as well.

Asus ROG G751 NFS

Asus has added non-reflective coating over screen which makes it less glossy, and as its an IPS display screen, so viewing angles are good and you will be able to view screen for off angles as well without any issue.

Overall the screen is bright, and vibrant, you can always tweak with the settings by tapping over Asus ROG button and here you will find “Splendid Technology” which provides three default color profiles and also has a slider for manual adjustments of colors.

First I thought Asus ROG G751 speakers might not provide good feedback, but upon usage I found that they are good enough and can fill a small room, but when you turn audio to full level you will find audio getting muffled. Speaker are hidden behind the screen hinge, and they are pointing toward you, its a good thing which i found on this laptop as now audio is coming directly toward you instead of going upward which we had seen on many laptops.

Asus ROG G751 Headphone

I suggest you to use Asus ROG headphone which comes bundled with the laptop, its big enough to cover your ear, and has nice build quality to last long.

Performance and Heating Of Asus ROG G751 :-

This beast machine can handle almost any game or any work load for you, we install almost every game which we can like Need For Speed Rivals, Mortal Kombat X, Battlefield Hardline, GTA V and all went smoothly with good frame rate during the game play. We never faced a lag or frame drop in our usage, all thanks to 24Gigs of RAM and NVIDIA GTX860M.

Asus ROG G751 Gaming

Here are some test and benchmark scores for it :-

  • It took around 1 minutes and 40 seconds to process a series of RAW images on Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • We had converted 20, 320Kbps MP3 to 128Kbps AAC on iTunes and it took a minute for this
  • On Geekbenck, it scored 12445 on Multi core and 3988 on Single core
  • It took around less than 2 minutes to process a series of RAW images on Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • On PCMARK7 it got a score of 6287

During our gameplay laptop remains quite cool and we never faced and abnormal heating on it, all thanks to big heat wings which are there at the back of it.

Battery Of Asus ROG G751 :-

Asus ROG G751 Speakers

Battery of gaming laptop always require special care to get most of it, Asus ROG G751 battery lasted for around 4 hours which is not bad at all for a heavy machine like this. Even with full brightness we played full HD video in loop and it lasted for 3 hours and 34 minutes.

Final Words On Asus ROG G751 :-

The gaming on Asus ROG G751 is very smooth, it can handle almost any game or any task for you without any issue, we had seen NVIDIA GTX860M powered devices priced higher than this. If you want a premium looking device which can replace your desktop then you should take a look on this device. If you love to play games in 4K then you have to use external monitor as it only supports up to 1080p resolution.

Overall the design, game play and build quality over here is very nice and its surely worth of its price. Do let us know your feedback on this machine in comment section below.

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