Due to work from home culture, we all need to put some extra efforts on our health, and due to this demand of budget friendly smartwatch or fitness tracker has gone up in recent time, World Of Play is relatively new player in Indian already overcrowded market of gadgets, but in this short span of time, company has established themselves as a well known brand and when it comes to wearable brands, most people are aware of this brand in India, and it is due to companies offering, and aggressive pricing. We had seen couple of smartwatches from company which comes with great design, well build, nice features with very nice price tag which makes their wearable more affordable and due to this, World Of Play is more popular in youth.

World Of_Play Playfit Slim SW76 Home

Recently I got PlayFit Slim SW76, one their popular smartwatch which company has launched couple of months back, and i had used this smartwatch for around 3 weeks and I will say I am impressed with its features and offering, but I do have some complaints too, let’s find it in full review below.

Build and Design of PlayFit Slim SW76 –

When it comes to build and design, it is well build, and I will say it is one of its USP too, design looks very premium and elegant, the circular dial do gives feeling of a proper watch. It has 1.28-inch round IPS LCD display which is very bright and even in direct sunlight, you will never find any issue while looking at it.

World Of Play Playfit Slim SW76 Hand

The shell is covered with aluminum which gives a premium look and feel, and also make this smartwatch more solid and elegant. The display has 2.5D curved glass which do gives more protection if you drop it, but that panel is surely more finger print magnet.

One thing which I liked most here is that display is covering full LCD panel, in many smartwatch we had seen display in only some part of panel, and rest is unused, like we had seen on Gizmore Active GizFit.

On the right side you will find a single button which acts as Power button to wake up the smartwatch or to go back to the previous screen or to turn on this smartwatch.

This smartwatch comes with a 20mm silicon strap which is pretty comfortable and I never faced any issue while using it, and it comes with a quick release mechanism which allows you to change straps easily.

World Of Play Playfit Slim SW76 Screenshot 1

Once you flip the smartwatch, you will find charging connector and a heart rate sensor which is pretty much common nowadays in budget smartwatches.

The overall design is pretty solid and decent, it does not look bulky in hand and due to its design, it can be easily paired with your formal or casual wears.

Usage and Performance Of PlayFit Slim SW76 –

I have been using this smartwatch from 3 weeks or so. This smartwatch runs RTOS or real-time OS, which is basically a striped down version of the standard software, most of the budget smartwatch runs on similar OS. Most of the smartwatches in this segment are fitness bands with some additional features, and Playfit Slim is same.

World Of Play Playfit Slim SW76 Screenshot 2

The menus and options are neatly laid out in watch and app too, one of the biggest feature or USP of this smartwatch is that it supports 24 sports modes like Walking, Running, Cycling, Hiking, Football, Rope Skipping, Dance, Basketball, Spinning Bike, Table Tennis, Badminton, Yoga, Tennis, Swimming, Treadmill, Hockey, Cricket, Rugby, Jumping Jack, baseball, Sit-ups, Boating, Volleyball and Workout.

World Of Play Playfit Slim SW76 Screenshot 3

You can easily download app either from iOS App Store or from Google Play Store, once you have downloaded the app, you can launch it and can easily pair your device with it.

You will find options like steps tracking, 24/7heart rate and sleep tracking, and it is pretty much accurate when it comes to tracking these data, I had measure my heart rate and SPO2 level with this watch and my medical instrument too, and results were pretty much same.

World Of_Play Playfit Slim SW76 Heart Rate Sensor

The only issue I have found is with app, app looks very basic and sometime it does not show your data, as you can see below, app is showing sleep data on its individual page, when checking data of 7 or 15 days, it does not show up, same goes with heart rate data as well.

App only has option to track steps, sleep and heart rate but when it comes to SPO2, there is no option to track it via app, yes you can do it via watch but no option via app.

When it comes to tracking sports modes on Playfit Slim, it is very impressive as it provides pretty much accurate data. If you are looking for some fitness tracking app which can track you sports or workout, then you should check this out.

World Of_Play Playfit Slim SW76 Sports Mode

There are some additional settings in app like you can control music, it works with some apps only, you can click pics using watch, there are lots of dial face options which you can download and apply.

World Of Play Playfit Slim SW76 Notifications

Another neat feature is, this watch also shows up notification for SMS, calls, Facebook, WhatsApp and some other apps, and it works pretty well, however you need to keep your Bluetooth always on in your phone.

This smartwatch do comes with water and dust resistant with IP67 rating which means it can easily survive water splashes, means if it can easily survive if you wash hand or get wet in rain.

Battery Of Playfit Slim SW76 –

Company claims battery life of 7 days, but in our usage with every possible option turned on and on full brightness, we were getting around 4-5 days of battery life which is also pretty decent. One thing which needs to be mentioned that its wrist sense feature is very aggressive and with slight movement of wrist it turn on display, which do consume battery.

World Of_Play Playfit Slim SW76 Charging

The magnetic charger which comes in the boxes took around 1 hr to charge it from zero to 100%, which is pretty decent too.

Final Verdict of Playfit Slim SW76 –

If you are tight on budget and sports lover, then this watch is for you, you get lots of sports tracking mode which provides pretty much accurate data.

World Of Play Playfit Slim SW76 Home Screen

It has solid build, good display and fully pack of features, yes there are some issues in app but i guess it can be easily fixed with an update.

Pros –

  • Solid Build
  • Good display
  • Features pack
  • Lots of Sports Mode
  • Long lasting battery
  • Water resistant with IP67 rating

Cons –

  • App does not show data
  • Some options are missing in app


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