Its winter season and trust me its really cold if you go out for some walk or jogging, I love winter season but the only reason which make me hate winter is that I wont be able to listen music while jogging or while in metro properly if I wear hat.


But what if I tell you there is a hat with headset inside it? Yes believe me, today we had got iMusic Knitted Bluetooth Hat which allows you to listen to songs while you wear hat.

Package :-


When I had ordered it from MobileFun, I was curious and tense at the same time regarding the package of this hat as I hadn’t heard about it before, but when it arrived I was amazed that it was packed it a small but nice package which is off plastic.


First Impression :-

When I opened box, I found a hat, a transmitter and a manual. hat really looks cool and it had two ear plugs and a receiver which will receive signal from transmitter. When I wear hat ear plugs was anywhere near my ears so I have to adjust it and it took 15 minutes, but once its adjusted I was good to go.


Usage :-

Pairing it is super easy, all you need to do is, turn on your receiver and wear your hat, now attach your transmitter to your phone and press button placed on transmitter that’s it, you will start getting sound of song or anything which you play on your phone to your hat.


The thing which I like is that this hat is washable, so if you hat get dirty then you can simply remove ear plugs and receiver from hat and wash it and re-use it.

Final Words :-

The overall experience with this wireless hat was quite good, as it’s a unisex so no matter if you wear or your wife wear it., the only issue I found on this hat is that its receiver is little big and sometime it feels awkward when you wear it.

You can get it from MobileFun for Rs. 3397.49 Or $54.99.

iMusic Knitted Bluetooth Beanie Hat
Reviewed by Rahul Sharma on January 12 2014
Rating: 4.5


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