BitDefender has released another security pack for Windows users, BitDefender 60 Seconds Virus Scanner, its an freeware which scan your computer in 60 seconds. It works on cloud based protection so your scan is send to BitDefender server and then results are send from there.

The thing which we like in this app is that it can work with your existing Anti-Virus, so if you had installed any other security pack then you don’t have to worry about the conflicts between the them.

To use you have to download it and then install, a desktop gadget will appear on your desktop just click on Scan and in 60 Seconds it will scan your computer’s critical parts in real time.

We have to wait for 333 seconds to see results that we are protected and our system is clean, 333 second aren’t bad,


You can view its report and get a better idea about what it has did in scanning your system,


Features :-

  • Lightning fast scans
  • Proactive silent scanning
  • Cloud based technology
  • Works perfectly with any other antivirus software

Pros :-

Cons :-

  • Required internet connection,
  • Limited protection,
  • No option to scan custom areas

TechnoArea Rating :- 4/5


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