As per the news we know Apple is going to take the wrap off from its latest smartphone which could be iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, and both of the devices are subject of lots of leaks in the recent times, we have seen lots of images of device, and also of its components like couple of days back an image leaked which shows its front panel, and now today we got some more closer look to the device.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus Leak Front Panel Force Touch

The latest leak which is coming from a Chinese website, shows the internal components of this upcoming device, the iPhone 6S Plus and the most talking point here is front facing camera and force touch chip.

Earlier lots of leaks revealed that iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will have bigger FaceTime camera, and this leak shows a bigger camera sensor will be there on both of the upcoming devices, there will be an 5MP front FaceTime camera which will be able to record full HD videos, earlier we have seen FaceTime camera can only make HD calls.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus Leak Front Panel

Another big change which will be there is force touch chip which is integrated behind the display, here force touch will be able to make difference between normal tap or longer touch on the screen and when longer touch is made some extra options might come up depending upon the app and screen on which you are, however it is expected at this time force touch will work with settings only and later it will be expanded to other.

Overall design and build remains the same what we have seen on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, major changes will be made under hood and more we will see when Apple announce these devices next week on September 9.


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