As expected Apple has took the stage today as San Francisco to make couple of announcements of its upcoming products, Apple has got a big list and one of the product on that list was iPad Pro, yes the bigger variant of iPad which company has officially announced. Before this we had seen couple of leaks and rumors about this iPad Pro and the official product seems to be in line with leaks.

Apple iPad Pro

As leaks has suggested us, iPad Pro is the bigger variant of iPad and it is the USP of this device, iPad Pro comes with 12.9-inch Retina display which has got massive and stunning 2732 x 2048 pixel resolution; its larger than 15 inch Mac, and for the first time iPad Pro carries variable refresh rate feature which adjust itself automatically whenever it is needed.

No iPad is complete without new processor, iPad Pro also comes with  A9 series processor, here you have A9X processor, and along with this you will be getting 2GB of RAM which will provide more power to the device and you will be able to do more heavy task on it.

When it comes to photography, iPad Pro comes with 8MP rear snapper and an 5MP FaceTime HD at front, nothing major here.

iPad Pro runs on iOs 9.1 which not only comes with iPad specific features like Split View, Slide Over and PiP, but iOS 9.1 will also gets some iPad Pro specific features which allows you to runs apps in full view side by side, all thanks to super high resolution.

When it comes to availability, Apple hasnt announced exact date or price, but they said it will be available sometime in November, there is no word on pre-order dates as well.


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