As we are moving closer to the MWC we are getting more and more leaks for Nokia’s Android phone aka Normandy. earlier we had seen a leaked press rendered image which shows something like Windows Phone UI and now again in yet another leak which shows home screen and app menu of this upcoming phone.

This leak is consistent with earlier leaks, at first look you will thought it as Windows Phone, it comes with live tiles, it seems that live tiles has been customized and you might get different live tiles on different home screens.


In right photo we can see app menu which also look like Windows Phone UI and it seems like it will work as notification center also. As per image we can see that you will be able to get push notification from Facebook, Skype, Missed calls, reminders and alarm and so on.

Another thing which we can see in image is that we have two network bar at top which means Nokia Normandy will be dual SIM phone.

We are expecting that Nokia will unveil this phone in Mobile world Congress scheduled next month, it will be priced somewhere between $100 to $150.


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