Do you like Aero feature of Windows Vista and Windows 7?, do you want everything in Aero? well  if your answer is then here is a awesome Media Player for you which is fully Aero and its only for Aero lovers.

sukumaar-neo at DA has created Aero Media Player, this media player comes with some basic features like Play, Pause and Stop music, adjust Volume, Rewind and Forward button are provided buttons for it but it dose not work right now it is just provided for eye candy.

Aero Media Player

It has following features :-

  • Full Aero Support
  • Task bar Buttons for stop , pause and volume mute or mute off
  • Perfect Outer Glow of pause and play button just like Windows Media Player 12
  • Small size Application with compare to Windows Media Player

Currently this tool is in beta phase and developer is working on some improvement of it like :-

  • Playing multiple files At a time
  • Add supports for video too
  • Playlist option
  • Forward and Rewind of Song
  • Support for Windows XP

You can download it from below link :-




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