QR codes are nice way to share any information quickly, suppose you want to share a link, some text, your email address or phone number then you can generate a QR code print it and put it in a place where it can be reached by most users and then they can scan it and get your message.

But to scan QR code you need to have a smartphone like Android or iOS device, but what if you get QR code via email or you are on your Windows desktop and get QR code, How to scan it?

CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader is a simple to use desktop freeware tool, You simply need to download and install it and then you will be able to load QR code via some file or you can also scan your screen for QR code.


When you select to load QR code from screen then you will need to select a region using your mouse so that it can scan that region for QR codes. Once your QR code is decoded you can either save that text to clipboard or save it to a file.



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