Last night Microsoft has unveiled its latest and upcoming Operating System, the Windows 10 which would be released after BUILD 2015 conference which is scheduled for April 2015. But if you cant wait such long and want to see what it has got for us then you can download Technical Preview of this upcoming OS which Microsoft has just released.

Windows 10
Windows 10

Microsoft has released an Windows Insider program where tech enthusiast can take part to try this new OS by grabbing the early access copy of it, and give there feedback to Microsoft. To download it, you need to SignUp for Windows Insider and once you are done with this you can download it.

Windows 10 isnt fully build and it might have several bugs and many of your apps and software wont work on it and over the period of time you will find some new features or even Microsoft could remove some features which you find on this Technical Preview, so we suggest you not to make it as your primary OS. You can either install it on virtual machine or create a dual boot system.

Soon we are going to try this OS and we will share its features, bugs and other things with you, so stay tuned.


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