Well Apple is almost all set to launch its next version of iPhone, iPhone 5, there are some rumors floating around the corner regarding its launch date and its specs, we had got some news from some source (don’t ask who, because we wont tell you) regarding the launch of it and some of its specs and we too had some expectation.

iPhone is one of the most profitable device for Apple, every successor has given more income to Apple as compared to its predecessor and now Apple will try to capture large part of smartphone market.

iPhone 5 could hit market by last of Q2 or in Q3 of this year, means you could get your hands on new iPhone by September of this year.

As from the point of view of features, we had got news that Apple will include following things :-

  • Same screen size :- Its very hard to see that Apple will increase the screen size of iPhone 5,
  • Increase in Resolution :- Screen size will remain same but you could get a better resolution on your iPhone,
  • 4G/LTE :- As the New iPad had include 4G/LTE, iPhone 5 will too is expected to get this,
  • Faster Processor :- Rumors are that Apple will include A6 processor chip in new iPhone, but we are expecting same Quad Core A5x chip which is included in new iPad,
  • Better Battery Life :- iPhone 5 will have a better battery life then iPhone 4S,
  • Heavier and Thicker :- Lots of people are saying that iPhone 5 will be thinner and lighter but we don’t agree with it,
  • Latest Version iOS :- iPhone 5 might come with iOS 6,
  • Improved Camera,
  • Improved Graphic Processor,

Price factor will also be seems nice for iPhone 5, it is expected that iPhone 5 will be launched at the same price of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4S price will be dropped.

As iPhone 5 comes iPhone 3GS support will be dropped and no longer iOS version will be released for it.


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