Samsung Galaxy S IV hasn’t reached stores in many part of the world but folks over iFixit has got their hands on US variant of Samsung Galaxy S IV which has Qualcomm chipset in it, however Indian version has Samsung’s own Exynos 5 Octa in it.

This teardown reveals that its very easy to teardown Galaxy S IV and repair it. It has got 8 score out of 10 which means its very easy to repair. iFixit folks  has used Philips screws to teardown.

Samsung left no useful space un-adorned with extra components, the headphone jack is home to the status LED and the first of a pair of IR sensors. Its IR sensor which makes Air View and Air Gesture features work. These sensors detects users hand movement from one side to another to identify hand movements.

You’ll have to go through the entire phone in order to replace the front panel, since everything is built into the back of it.


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