Lumia 510 is one of the most affordable mobile phone out there in market. Nokia has launched it last month in India and it has become popular in a very short time.

Like other Windows Phone available in India this one too launched with Windows Phone 7.5 and Nokia promised that it will get Windows Phone 7.8 update soon. Last week Microsoft announced that WP 7.8 will be available in first half of 2013.

BGR India is reporting that they had got Nokia Lumia 510 which is running WP7.8 out of box. It comes with all new feature of WP7.8 which was promised earlier like resizable live tiles, file sharing over Bluetooth, ringtone maker app and so on.

Currently Lumia 510 is the only phone which comes with WP 7.8 update out of box, this update is not available as OTA update to any existing user.


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