If you are using Windows Vista Or Windows 7 then you must be well aware of User Account Control (UAC).

If you wanna disable it for a specific application which you use frequently and that annoying UAC is delaying your app’s start-up then you can disable it.

All you need to do is :-

  • Download and install the free UAC Trust Shortcut tool from below link,
  • After installing open UAC Trust Shortcut tool,It will ask you for the Name of the app whom UAC you wanna disable and Path of that app,Just write the name and click Browse to browse that app,

  • Now just click on Add Now and it will create a shortcut on you desktop of the app which’s link you provided

Concept :-

Actually its just create a shortcut for your program,If you use that shortcut to open your program then UAC is disable but if you use Origin shortcut to open your program then UAC will be enable.

You may use following to download UAC Trust Shortcut.

Download Link(32 Bit / x86)

Download Link (64 Bit / x64)

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