Almost all of us use Anti-Virus, Spywares and Firewall in our pc to stay protected.As there are lots of Anti-Virus, Spywares and Firewall programs are out there like KasperSky, Bitdefender, Nod 32, Avast, Zone Alarm etc

But sometime you may think which is best and good to use so here is the method to check your Anti-Virus/Spyware/Firewall.

Anti-Virus Test

To test your Anti-Virus program  follow the belows steps:-

  • Open Notepad and copy paste the belows code in it


  • After that Goto File=>Save As and then first select All File for the file type and then save it as
  • Your anti-virus software should prevent you Or show some warning while saving the file as
  • If it prevent Or Show warning then it is a sign of good Anti-Virus program

Spyware Test

To test your spyware program open the belows link and then download all files one-by-one and run them after running them you will find how good your Spyware program is.

Test Your Spyware

Firewall Test

To test your firewall visit the belows link:-

Test Your Firewall

Just go through the process and provide correct Ip address and then they will scanned your computer’ ports by using the most widespread trojan horses and at last they will show you scan result


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