We all are very familiar with hiding any File Or Folder, all you need to do is Right Click on FILE/FOLDER and Select HIDDEN from its PROPERTY.

Did you ever wonder is there any way to hide your whole hard drive?

Some time you have some important data on your hard drive which you wanna keep away from other’s reach so here is a way to hide your whole hard drive

Here we go:-

  • Right click on My Computer Icon on your desktop Or on your Start Menu and select MANAGE

  • Then a new window Computer Management will open, now move to Storage => Disk Management
  • Now you will see your hard drives, Cd Rom etc there just right click on any hard drive which you wanna hide and select Change Drive Letter And Path….
  • Now on the next pop up windows you will see your Drive letter and below three option as ADD, CHANGE & REMOVE
  • Select remove it will show you some warning just accept it
  • And now open My Computer you will not find your Hard Drive there,even if you try to open it through Run command you wont

How to bring Your Hidden Hard Drive back:-

  • Follow above first 4 steps, when you will get a pop up windows showing  ADD, CHANGE & REMOVE option click on Add
  • Now on another window you will see option ASSIGN THE FOLLOWING LETTER TO DRIVE and you will see your default drive letter in drop down box, all you need to click OK
  • That’s it your hard drive is back


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