The war of smartphones with better camera seems to catch more heat in coming days, recently Samsung has launched Samsung Galaxy S IV Zoom then Nokia has launched Lumia 1020, both phones are photo centeric phones.


Now as per reports Sony is expected to launch attachable lens which can be mounted on a Xperia phone and turn it into point and shot camera.

These are a lens, an image sensor, memory card slot and Wi-Fi , all are in single package. You can mount them on Xperia phone either using WiFi or NFC and once lens is connected to phone you can click photos using it, all photos can be saved on your phones SD card.

As per reports this will it will have image sensor and Zeiss lens, these are the same which we had seen on Sony’s RX100 II.

It sounds quite innovative and nice as it will reduce tension to carry those bulky cameras, its success will depend on its pricing.


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