Its no more secrete that Nokia is going to unveil its android smartphone, Nokia X which was codenamed Normandy in upcoming MWC which is just few days ahead. As of now we almost know everything about its specs but its UI is still unknown or we can say that we know very little about its UI.


Now a set of images has surfaced online, thanks to the folks over Coolxap which shows its alleged UI. As from images we can see that Nokia X will have Windows Phone like user interface, it will be a dual SIM phone. As we can resize tiles in Windows Phone, same can be done here, images shows that Nokia X’s UI is far away from stock Android UI.


As we had already reported that Nokia X will have forked version of Android, here you wont have access to Google Apps but instead you will have access to Nokia and Microsoft apps like Here Maps, Outlook, Nokia Music, Bing, Skype and so on. Users also won’t be able to have access to Google Play, Nokia will launch its own store and allow developers to port there Android apps to it. Nokia has already ported some of the top apps like WhatsApp, Candy Crush Saga, Facebook, Twitter and so on.


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