We all use email services.The most popular email providers are Gmail, Hotmail.We see Or hear hacking of email accounts many times so it become very important to make your email secure.

If you open your email the you will see that you are on HTTP service (just before the web address in address bar of your browser),

Now days almost all email provider allows you to use HTTPS,here S means secure,It is more secure version then simple HTTP.

But the thing is that you need to activate this option,So here are the ways to activate them :-

On Gmail

In Gmail, first login and then click on Setting under General tab look for the option Browser connection and click on Always use https and then Save.


On Hotmail

Open THIS PAGE it will ask you to login,Login with you Hotmail id and then on the next page click on Use HTTPS automatically option and save it.


Please note that if you do so then HTTPS will work for Hotmail over the web, but it will cause errors if you try to access Hotmail through programs like:

  • Outlook Hotmail Connector
  • Windows Live Mail
  • The Windows Live application for Windows Mobile and Nokia.

Using this feature will make you more secure from online threats.


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