Google has recently launched its cloud storage service, Google Drive which gives you space of 5 GB for free (you can increase space by buying it). If you are using Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet then you can use it.

Many times with got some files on our Gmail inbox which we might want to save on our Drive folder. For this you might first need to download file and then save it to your Drive folder. But if you wanna Save file directly from your Gmail Inbox then you can use Gmail Attachment To Drive Google Chrome extension.

Once you install it on your Google Chrome then whenever you open any email on your Gmail inbox which has any attachment then you will get an option of Save To Drive.


Once you click on it another window will appear which confirms that your file is saved on your Google Docs or Drive account.


Download Gmail Attachment To Drive

P.S. This works fine on your Google Apps mail too.


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