It seems that Samsung is pretty pack ongoing CES, they are launching new product every day, Now Samsung has introduced point and shoot Smart Cameras WB250F, WB800F, the WB30F, DV150F, and ST150F.

All these Cameras comes with Smart Camera 2.0 ecosystem which comes with AutoShare feature which allows you to upload or backup images.

WB250F comes with 14.2 MP BSI CMOS sensor with 18x optical zoom, and 24 mm lens. It has hybrid touch LCD screen with 5 way navigation key. It also comes with full manual mode so that you can use it in your way, it also feature a pop-up flash.

WB800F comes with 16.3 BSI CMOS sensor with 21x optical zoom, it’s good for starters and produce nice low light photos. This camera too has hybrid interface which allows you too use camera via touch or five way key.

WB30F is a mini model, it is only 17 mm thick, it has 10x optical zoom and 24 mm lens, it has other features like Magic Frame and Live Panorama.

ST150F comes with 16.2 MP CCD sensor, F/2.5 aperture, 5x optical zoom and a 25mm lens. It will be available in four colours. It comes with Wi-Fi support

DV150F comes with 16.2 MPCCD sensor,F/2.5, 25 mm bright lens and 5x optical zoom, it has 2.7 inch LCD to control you camera and a 1.4 inch front LCD for taking self pic. It comes with Wi-Fi support.


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