Wearable is still a very new and young market here in India, there are few big players who are doing their business in India and then there are few newbies as well, but sometimes it becomes difficult to select the best fitness band which can satisfy your need without digging much into your pocket. Riversong Wave is a new entrance into the Indian market with their Riversong Wave BP Fitness Tracker.

Riversong Wave BP On Wrist

We have got this tracker around three weeks back and decided to give it a try, and used this new fitness tracker for a good number of days before filing our review.

Inbox Contents Riversong Wave BP –

When it comes to inbox contents, then you will find –

  • Fitness Tracker,
  • Two sets of bands
  • Manuals

That’s it.

Build And Design Of Riversong Wave BP –

The build of this Riversong Wave BP is very well, it is very much similar to any other fitness band, it has 0.87 inch OLED touch-screen which provides all information to you, the screen if not fully touchable, you have to tap on the lower portion of screen to navigate through options like time, steps, heart rate, Blood Pressure and so on, yes it do have BP monitor as well, we will get to this in sometime.

Riversong Wave BP OLED Screen

The wristband is made up of soft silicone material which is soft and easy on the hand, I had used this tracker for a couple of weeks and never felt uncomfortable while using it. Band gets lock easily and it makes sure not to slip out of your hand.

At the back of tracker, you will find heart rate monitor which lets you measure and monitor your heart rate and blood pressure.

The overall build and design of this Riversong Wave BP are good and nice, it feels easy and nice on hand, and you won’t find any issue while wearing it for long period of time. It got IP67 certified for water and dust resistance.

Riversong Wave BP Front

Now this is all good things about build, one thing which I didn’t like here is the charging mechanism, to charge this device, you have to remove one band and then you will find USB Male A port which you can then plug into the USB port of your laptop, or into any power bank.

I am sure removing and attaching band will surely going to affect the durability and life of band itself in the long run.

Functions of Riversong Wave BP –

Apart from monitoring your steps and calories burned, this fitness tracker does lots of things, it can continuously monitor your heart rate and whenever it goes above from normal level, it will notify you by vibrating so that you can calm down yourself.

One functionality which makes this tracker stand out in the crowd is the ability to measure your Blood Pressure as well which no other fitness tracker do in this price bracket.

Riversong Wave BP Heart Rate Monitor

If you are inactive or sitting for a long time, then this tracker can remind you to get up and walk, and the accuracy level over here is quite good and nice. And apart from this, it can also show notifications for call and messages which I have never used and I guess most of you will also never going to use it.

Sleep monitoring on this tracker needs some improvement, overall it is nice, but if you wake up in the middle of night to drink water or for anything else and go back to sleep again, then it thinks you are awake and once you lay down, it think you are inactive and ask you to be active, this happened couple of times with me.

Riversong Wave BP Rear

There are lots of more features which I don’t think you will use in day to day life, like you can take images with it, it can notify you for SMS, Calls, Facebook, WeChat, Twitter and so on.

Battery Of Riversong Wave BP –

Riversong Wave BP has got 70mAh battery which lasts for around 3 days on normal usage, the company claims it to last 5 days but I couldn’t make it more than 3.5 days.

Riversong Wave BP Charging

As told earlier, charging is a bit complex as you have to remove band to charge it, it takes around 30 mins to get the full charge, which is okay.

Accuracy Level Of Riversong Wave BP –

Here is the main part, the accuracy level of any fitness tracker matter a lot, well when it comes to steps count, I would say its 95 percent accurate which means it has a good score, I will give same 95 percent to heart rate monitoring, but when it comes to BP monitoring, I have some doubts and I would say its around 80 percent accurate because when I had monitored BP of myself in close interval, I had seen huge difference in the score, and this happened couple of times.

Riversong Wave BP Time

Sleep tracker is again good and measures your sleep very well, it shows your deep sleep and light sleep, when you fall to the bed and when you woke up, and all these data is shown in nice graphical manner.

Final Verdict On Riversong Wave BP –

My overall experience with Riversong Wave BP was quite good, the tracker was good, it measures data very accurately, has all kind of sensors to measure your data, however, I didn’t like its charging mechanism.

Riversong Wave BP Steps

The display is quite good and touch response is again good, it detects your wrist movement and can detect when you have raised your wrist to look into it, sunlight visibility is okay, it’s not that much great but it gets its job done.

The main issue which I have faced while using this device is with its app. You have to download and install H Band 2.0 app from Play Store or App Store and it uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect. The app is simple to use and have all options in front of you.

Riversong Wave BP App

The main issue with app is that it keeps running in the background and consumes hell lot of battery, it sucks battery like hell and you can’t close it by removing from recent menu, you need to force close it to fully close it, but then when next time you launch app to sync, it will lose some data like it might not properly sync your sleep data and BP and Heart Rate data which trackers has measuresed throughout the day.

Riversong Wave BP Display

If we leave the app and charging mechanism, then this Riversong Wave BP is a good option to those who are looking to get something extra from their fitness tracker, this provides heart rate and BP monitoring as well and comes at the good price tag.

Best Buy At Rs. 3,299.00 @AmaZon India


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