Today Qlik which is a well-known name in data analytics has announced the expansion of its Qlik Academic Program to over 50 education institutions all across 25 cities in India. This initiative from the company will enable more Universities to improve the value of their offerings by teaching marketable data skills, and also help students advance their analytical and data literacy skills within every academic discipline.

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Qlik Academic Program which is available in both free and full-year subscriptions, and now it is open to any accredited university-level institution worldwide, for-profit and non-profit colleges alike. The program provides access to the Qlik Data Analytics Curriculum which is designed as an easily adoptable university-level program that provides professors with ready-to-teach, free resources – including instructor-led content, in-class activities and student assignments.

With recently added access to Qlik Continuous Classroom and Qlik Community, students and professors are empowered to find new ways to visualize and analyze data, and to share insights and findings through an interactive, collaborative team environment.

Qlik Continuous Classroom is a 24/7 self-service online learning platform that provides a new way to learn by allowing them to completely customize their learning journey based on their individual needs. Learners can choose from more than 125 modules containing videos, exercises, and quizzes. They can also interact directly with Qlik instructors and other learners, leveraging web conferencing tools and forums to quickly obtain answers and share best practices.

Dr Siddhartha Ghosh, Professor-Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Head-Placements, VJIT, Hyderabad, said “Qlik is an easy to learn and modern tool for Data Analytics used by our students as an additional technology edge to enhance their career prospects. We found that it helped our students to get recruited quicker as a fresher compared to those without these skills. The online materials and timely guidelines given by the Qlik team is simple to roll out and very useful.”

Kevin Hanegan, Vice President of Knowledge and Learning, Qlik said “Students preparing for careers in today’s global data-driven environments need to raise the bar to succeed. They need exceptionally strong analytical and data literacy skills, along with the tools and know-how to keep pace with rapid change, To meet this growing demand, the Qlik Academic Program has expanded to give students the skills and tools they need to succeed – while ensuring that professors are empowered with the best course materials on the most modern data analytics platform.”


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