Universal Viewer is an advanced file viewer with wide range of formats supported.It support very common formates so that you dont need to open so many applications to view files because now you can view files in one application.

Here are  2 screenshots:-

Image File In Universal Viewer :-

Text File In Universal Viewer :-

Files supported by Universal Viewer are:-

  • Text, Binary, Hex, Unicode: any files, of unlimited size (even 4Gb+ sizes are allowed).
  • RTF, UTF-8: RTF and UTF-8 encoded texts.
  • Image: all general graphics formats: BMP JPG GIF PNG TGA TIFF… plus all formats supported by IrfanView/XnView external viewers.
  • Multimedia: all formats supported by MS Windows Media Player: AVI MPG WMV MP3.
  • Internet: all formats supported by MS Internet Explorer: HTML PDF XML MHT.
  • Plugins: all formats supported by Total Commander Lister plugins.
  • MS Office: all file types of MS Office (if installed): DOC DOCX XLS PPT.
  • Converters: some types can be viewed as plain text: DOC DOCX PDF PPT ODT.

Features Of Universal Viewer are:-

  • Built-in functions of several plugins: images, multimedia, webpages view.
  • Support for multiple codepages: ANSI, OEM, EBCDIC, ISO etc.
  • Support for text converters for DOC, DOCX, ODT, PDF etc.
  • Support for user tools
  • Toolbar, status bar, other interface improvements
  • Auto-reloading of file on changing, “Follow tail” option
  • Displaying of line numbers
  • Displaying of non-printable characters
  • Combined Unicode/Hex mode (call Unicode mode twice)
  • Modern RegEx search library
  • Print preview
  • EXIF viewer

You May Use the following link to download it:-

Download Universal Viewer



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