Nowadays everyone is moving online and even a small business owner wants to reach large customer base and it can be done by going online only, by making your own website you will be able to reach lots of customer at single point of time. To build a website first you need a domain name and that’s why domain name business is booming and recently Google has jumped to this business.

Bluehost hosting

Few days back Google has launched invite-only program, the Google Domain which is currently available for USA residence, it means if you got invite but if you are outside of USA then you wont be able to use this program at this time and you have to wait for the program to be launched outside USA.


At this time Google do not support all TLDs or ccTLDs, they support following domain only :-

  • .biz
  • .cc
  • .center
  • .com
  • .company
  • .email
  • .guru
  • .info
  • .net
  • .org
  • .photography
  • .solutions
  • .technology
  • .tips
  • .today
  • .us

But if you still wanna use Google Domains then read ahead.

With a little work around you will be able to buy domains from Google Domains program, to buy a domain from Google Domains you will need basically two things :-

  • International Credit Card :- You need a International Credit card which can pay in USD, if you have this you are ready to start.
  • A USA Address :- What the hell???? Now from where I will get this? Don’t worry we are going to tell you this in a moment.

There are some Package Forwarding companies which provide you USA based address for free of cost, actually these services are used to buy some products which are only available in USA, so using this service you will get a virtual USA address and at the time of purchase you provide this virtual address and then these Package Forwarding companies will ship item to you.

You can us comGateway or BongoUS, both are free service and they provide a virtual USA address to you. I had used comGateway for this, you can use any.


Once you had USA address, login to Google Domains and search for the domain which you wanna purchase from Google, once you find domain add it to your cart and click on Checkout. Now Google will ask for USA address, just enter address which you had received from package forwarder and Google will accept it without any issue, on next screen it will ask you credit card details, enter your card details, I used my Indian bank credit card and it has been accepted without any issue as well.


That’s it now pay for it and you are done with it, after payment you will get domain panel for your domain, Google is not providing hosting facility at this time so they will allow you to forward your domain or you can setup DNS records.


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