Music is something which everyone loves and enjoy but if your music device can make a big difference in your experience and your music player is not good then it can ruin your enjoyment. Today we had got Intempo Big Beat Bluetooth Speaker. Its a nice looking speaker which can play music via Bluetooth streaming or if you don’t have a Bluetooth device then you can use AUX cable to play music.

Inbox Contents Of Intempo Big Beats Bluetooth Speakers :-

When you open Intempo Big Beats Bluetooth Speakers box then you will get :-

  • Intempo Big Beat Bluetooth Speaker
  • Manual
  • Remote control
  • AC Adapter

Build And Design Of Intempo Big Beats Bluetooth Speakers :-

It was its design which catched our eye, when we took  Intempo Big Beats Bluetooth Speakers out of box we were impressed with its simple design. Intempo Big Beats Bluetooth Speakers has a nice glossy finish with clean black look, it has visual equaliser display at front.

Intempo BigBeat Front


At top it has four buttons for power, volume up and down and one for EQ, it has got two speakers at left and right side of it, along with speakers it has also got a subwoofer. Overall Intempo Big Beat features 50 Watts of output. In our test both speaker and subwoofer gave high quality sound which was good and loud enough.




Due to its glossy finish it will prone to finger prints, EQ which is present in front of speakers perform well and its move along with the beats of songs which play over it.

Intempo BigBeat Control Buttons

At back of Intempo Big Beat you will find a ON/OFF button, then there is a AC adapter input and another port is there for AUX cable input so that you can connect non-bluetooth devices too with it.


Usage Of Intempo Big Beat :-

The main thing in any speaker is its volume and audio quality, that’s why its called speaker right? So to test Intempo Big Beat we had placed it in a large hall which has some objects which can block its sound from anyone sitting at the other side of the hall.

We turned it one and searched it on our phone, our phone detected it and we were able to connect it, all went smoothly and completed in just 2-3 minutes.


Intempo Big Beat comes with a remote control so you dont have to change EQ or volume through it, you can change it from sitting far from it. When we started playing music on Intempo Big Beat we were impressed with its sound quality, its crystal clear and loud enough to be heard at every corner of the hall, from remote we changed volume, changed EQ and something more and all went good.

Pros Intempo Big Beat :-

  • Nice build quality
  • EQ adds extra layer on its looks
  • Can connect with both Bluetooth and Non-Bluetooth devices
  • Nice sound effects and quality
  • Various EQ supports like pop, jazz, rock and classic styles
  • Comes with Remote control

Cons Intempo Big Beat :-

  • Has glossy finish, so its prone to finger prints
  • No in-built battery
  • Doesn’t comes with AUX cable

Final verdict on Intempo Big Beat :-

There are lots of Bluetooth speakers in market but many of them fails to deliver good audio quality sounds, but Intempo Big Beat has provide good sound and its very easy to use and pair with your Bluetooth enabled device. It has got nice EQ visual display which looks good. It hasnt got any built-in battery which means you required regular power supply to run it.

You can get Intempo Big Beat Bluetooth Speaker at £60.00 at MobileFun.

Intempo Big Beat Bluetooth Speaker
Reviewed by Rahul Sharma on July 10 2014
Rating: 4.0


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