From last couple of year race for full display smartphone is on, and in this race we had seen manufacturers launching smartphones with notch, pop-up camera or hole punch camera to make the space for front facing camera, but deep down we all know that under the display camera will be the perfect solution for this but achieving this is not easy task, some manufactures has started working on it, and couple of weeks we had seen Oppo and Xiaomi has achieved technology which allows them to put the selfie camera under the display of the smartphone.

Oppo UDC

In the Mobile World Congress 2019 Shanghai, Oppo has showcased a prototype of a smartphone which features a Under The Display Camera and company has said they will launch smartphone with this technology soon.

Company has already teased for this technology and was in news from last couple of weeks, and now its in the front of all of us.

Now a question will arise, how Oppo was able to do this, here display uses a custom transparent material which works with all new redesigned pixel structure, this allows light to pass through the display and reach the sensor of the camera, and this ring this all process, the display that hides the camera is still fully functional and usable.

But this Under Display Camera comes with some trade off, Oppo said this transparent display do affect the image quality and it tends to reduce it, Oppo has said they had developed the algorithm to deal with things like haze, glare, and color bleeding but still lot more need to be done.

Company has said they will launch smartphone with this technology in near future but image quality could be an issue and company needs to fix this soon.

Xiaomi has also developed technology for Under Display Camera but there is no word from them how they have done how will be the image quality with it, we have to wait and watch for it.


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