It happens many times that some program do not respond a you wait a long but they do not respond and then Windows shows that Program Not Responding,Then you open your Task Manager to close that program.But Task Manager takes some time to load.

But to day we are going to share a trick from which you can close all your not responding program on the fly and all it just through a small shortcut .

Here We go:-

  • Right click on desktop and goto New=>Shortcut,

  • It will launch Dialog box, and ask you to provide location for the shortcut,Enter the following location in it,


  • Now click on Next button.Now enter name as The Task Killer and click finish.

  • Now just any program to show NOT RESPONDING and launch your The Task Killer.

  • Further if you wanna five it a icon just right click it and click Properties and then click Change Icon button and select any icon you like.


Actually we had just made a shortcut to run a command in Command Prompt to Kill the Not Responding Task.


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