Ever since Reliance Jio has come, users were asking for VoLTE support from their smartphone manufacturers, most of them has said that they are working on this and VoLTE will be enabled on support devices soon. Now OnePlus has confirmed that OnePlus 2 will get VoLTE support very soon, an OTA (Over The Air) update will be rolled out in next quarter for OnePlus 2 users and then they will be able to use VoLTE on it.

OnePlus Two Hands

It should be noted that last month OnePlus has rolled out an update for OnePlus 2 which fixes some bugs but VoLTE was not there on the list, but now company has set a timeline for VoLTE update, at one hand it is good for OnePlus 2 users, one the other company has said OnePlus One and OnePlus X won’t be getting any VoLTE update.

The company has suggested users to use Jio 4G Voice (formerly JioJoin) to make calls if they are on Reliance Jio. It’s nice to see OnePlus 2 will get VoLTE by the end of this year but it is also sad for OnePlus One and OnePlus X users.

On the other hand, some other manufacturers like Motorola have also started to update their supported device to make VoLTE calls, while Lenovo, Sony, HTC, and Asus has still behind when it comes to update.


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