Having duplicate or similar contents on your computer is not good as it occupies extra space and sometime increase your search results when you perform search to find any of it.

Its easy to find duplicate contents for Documents or RAW files as there are lots of freeware  which can do this for you, all these apps search on the basis of file size, extensions.

But if you take a look over images then you will find that images have lots of extensions like JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIFF and lots more. So it will be difficult to find duplicate images if you had saved them in any other extension.


Similar Image Finder is a easy to use app which lets you find duplicate images on your computer. You can add folders from bottom left options and then you can navigate to Settings which gives you some advance options.

First you will see Minimum Similarity which lets you to set the comparison ratio between the original and duplicate image. Actually when you save image in any other format then it will lose some colors and saturation. So the lesser the ration will be greater the results will.

Below it you will the option how you want to find images, you can select File Size, creation date or pixel rate.

Final Verdict :-

It’s a good freeware to find duplicate contents over your hard disk so that you can delete them and get some free space over it.


P.S. On download page use small link which says Direct Download Link, instead of CNET’s big download button.


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