We all have seen dramatic increase in the usage of online payment in the recent days, and with the demonetization in India, we all are left with online payment options, even my 80% transactions are online nowadays, and when it comes to making online payment, the first option which comes to our mind is PayTM, you can recharge your phone, DTH, order food online, make your electricity bills and much more, but have you ever thought whether PayTM is secure enough to keep your money secure?

paytm secure

Recently I came to know that Paytm’s servers and infrastructure are closely monitored by in-house security experts. They have round the clock multi-layered security protocol including IDP (Intrusion Detection and Protection) Layer over all our NOC’s. Furthermore, they’ve been using WAF’s to protect our traffic injection. They also have multi-geography 24X7 SOC which constantly monitors the unique challenges that may occur in India.

Paytm systems are secure to the extent that even with a username and password it is not possible to login anyone’s account owing to the multi-layered protection of OTP and device signature, which is also required for logging into the account.


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