Windows 8 comes with many new changes, like new UI, new live tiles interface and new boot screen. New Boot Menu comes with new Metro UI, if you like to tweak with this new metro UI then here is an freeware app for you called Boot Menu Tuner.

With this app you can tweak with your Boot Menu settings, you can twaek with both settings and UI too. Once you make any change then you will see its effect on next boot.

Boot Menu Tuner

This portable app allows you to  :-

  • Enable advanced options of boot menu – such options as safe mode, debugging and so on will be available before every boot of your Windows 8;
  • Enable editing of boot options – this allows you to specify an addition options for kernel. They are similar to good old boot.ini features;
  • Disable blue Windows Logo during boot;
  • Disable spinning circle during boot;
  • Disable text messages during boot – messages like “Please wait”, “Updating registry – 10%” and so on;
  • Disable whole modern boot UI and turn it into legacy mode.


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