Google Earth

Google is not only working on it one project like on its new upcoming OS, its also working and improving its Google Earth also,

Google has released next version of its EarthViewer Google Earth 6, with many improvements and many new features.

Now you can explore your childhood home, visit distant lands or scope out your next vacation spot with even more realistic tools.Google has added 2 new feature, Street View and 3D and historical imagery is improved and made much easier.

Street View :-

You’ll notice that Pegman is docked right alongside the navigation controls—an ever-present travel companion ready whenever you want to get your feet on the street and take a virtual walk around. Just pick up Pegman and drop him wherever you see a highlighted blue road to fly right down to the ground. Once there, you can use the navigation controls or your mouse to look around.

3D :-

Now you will see new kind view of trees, Now they are present in 3D views, you will feel real forest, parks, and other habitats with new Google Earth.

Historical Imagery :-

Now its easy to discover historical imagery. When you fly to an area where historical imagery is available, the date of the oldest imagery will appear in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. If you click on this date, you’ll instantly be taken back in time to view imagery from that time period. You can then browse through all the historical imagery available for that location, or simply close the time control and return to the default view.

Take a look at video below for more info :-

You may use following link to download it :-

Download Link (Online)

Download Link (Offline)


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