Yesterday in a global event of MIUI 7 Global launch, China based smartphone company, Xiaomi has announced latest version of its ROM which is runs on all of its devices, the MIUI 7 which is based on Android Lollipop 5.1. Last week company has launched MIUI 7 in China as well but its for Chinese market only and yesterday announced version is for Global devices.

MIUI 7 Hugo Barra

Devices running MIUI 7 can see up to 30 percent faster response time when launching system apps, and 10 percent better battery life in daily usage, at launch event company has shown some of the upcoming features you will find on MIUI 7, some of the are specially designed for Indian market only. Lets take a look what are these features.

  • System UIs: MIUI 7 comes with set of four new system UIs now available when you power up your phone. You can choose from luxurious pink UI inspired by high fashion (Rosé), a playful pastel pink UI (Pink Blush), a soft blue UI (Ocean Breeze), and a brown-gold UI for the sophisticated gentleman (High Life).
  • Daily Lockscreen: This feature will apply a new new image every day on your lock screen, you will get high-quality photographs, including many award-winning ones.
  • Baby Album: MIUI 7 makes use of face recognition technology to automatically identify babies and group their photos together, these photos can even be set as a slideshow on the lockscreen.
  • Auto DND: MIUI 7 makes Mi Band even more useful to manage your calls and notifications. When Mi Band detects that you are sleeping, it activates Do Not Disturb (DND) mode and silences your phone, making sure your sleep will not be interrupted by notifications. When you’re awake again, it turns off DND and you’re back to normal.
  • XXL Text: MIUI 7 now offers XXL Text, which is a complete rework of the UI to make sure larger text is formatted to fit the screen perfectly.
  • MIUI Data Saver: We all know most of the web browser now comes with data compression technology, but what for other apps which consume data as well, MIUI 7 support data compression which is powered by Opera Max compression technology, MIUI Data Saver will soon be available worldwide in the coming months, offering substantial data savings across all apps. By sending data such as images and videos to Opera’s cloud and compressing it before returning it to users’ phones, this feature can provide up to 50% data savings on mobile data connections.
  • Showtime: Whenever you get call from anyone, you just see name and number, or a static profile image, now Showtime lets MIUI account users set an animated video that will play on their friends’ Mi phones when calling them.

There are some features which are specially designed for India only :-

  • Visual IVR: To dramatically reduce the time required to navigate automated voice menus when you call a customer service hotline, Visual IVR shows the voice menu on the phone’s screen, so you can tap your selection quickly. Visual IVR in MIUI 7 has been further improved with support for more than 50 companies’ customer support numbers.
  • Smart SMS Filter: To make sure you see what’s important in your SMS inbox, a new SMS feature intelligently filters service messages into a separate notification tab, resulting in a clutter-free inbox.
  • Quick OTP: Due to the rise of e-commerce and online banking transactions, the one-time password (OTP) has become a way of life. To make the process of entering an OTP much easier, the built-in OTP recognition feature lets users easily copy an OTP code, at the very moment when the notification pops up


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