We had seen some bold decisions from biggest software company on the earth, the Microsoft. Company is talking some bold decisions under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella. And today company has took another unexpected decision and announced that it will be making its full Server-Side .Net Framework as open source which company has originally announced 12 years ago.

Dot Net Framework

Company will be making its .Net Framework available for Linux and OS X as well, so now developers can work and develop apps using .Net Framework for three most popular operating systems of the world.

Other than making it open source company has also announce that Visual Studio Community 2013 is now available for free. Microsoft will be closely working with Mono community which will be working to port the .NET framework to an open standard. There are currently over 6 millions developers who are working on it, now this number will go up as now developers will be able to develop apps for three operating systems.

Visual Studio Community 2013 is a new free, fully-featured edition of Visual Studio that lets developers target any platform, from desktop and mobile to web and cloud. Visual Studio Community 2013 also supports full Visual Studio extensibility, offering access to the ecosystem of over 5000 extensions.


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