In recent times there were lots of smartwatch launches around the world, some were from big manufactures and by watching them some small manufacturers launches few too. From few days or you can say from couple of month I was thinking of buying a smartwatch but a question arise inside me, do I really need a smartwatch?? Do we need a small gadget through which we can surf or social networking sites??

Well on one thing I was sure that in no case I am going to dig into a small screen and check my twitter account, so surfing internet is out of my list, but if a watch can let me know who is calling me then it could interesting for me, if I am in a meeting and my phone is in silent and placed inside my pocket then I am still able to know who is calling me, and if I want then can reject or answer it from watch itself.

So I ordered MyKronoz ZeWatch, it a Swiss designed smartwatch so there is no question over design. Lets take a look over it.

MyKronoz ZeWatch

In Box Contents Of MyKronoz ZeWatch

MyKronoz ZeWatchc InBox Contents

When you open box you will find following contents inside :-

  • MyKronoz ZeWatch
  • Charger
  • Charging cable
  • Manual

Design Of MyKronoz ZeWatch

Watch is well designed and feel nice when used, its strap is nice and its build quality is also good. It has limited number of buttons which make its design minimal and is not confusing when used. It has a 128 * 32 OLED display screen. Above screen you will find a speaker slot and below screen there is a microphone hole.

MyKronoz ZeWatch
MyKronoz ZeWatch Clip Charger

On left hand side you will find a green button, on right hand side you will have red button. At rear you will find some branding along with clip charging point.

MyKronoz ZeWatch Rear

Using MyKronoz ZeWatch

I used this smartwatch for a week and I am well satisfied with it. If you have any bluetooth enable phone then it can be paired with it, and pairing is very simple. Once its paired next time when its within the range of bluetooth it will get connected automatically.

Once paired I tested it and made call to it, it allows you to answer calls or reject, I answered call and sound comes out of speaker, you will be able to speak through mice placed below screen. If you are using iPhone then you will get callers name on screen, on other devices it will show callers number on the screen. It functionality is somewhere very limited, you cant make calls from it which most of the bluetooth headset allows.

MyKronoz ZeWatch Inside Box

I wear it on my left hand, but if you want to wear in another hand then you can flip screen by pressing both keys at the same time. It should be noted that if battery dies then you have to reset time again. Watch isn’t consistent, to see time you have to press one of the button, and screen will lit for 5 seconds only, you can’t change this. You can use MyKronoz ZeWatch as a media playback which allows you to listen music with it, music isn’t superb but its OK. While making call, other people reported that my voice is well clear and then can hear me very well.

This smartwatch do notify you about SMS, Email, Alarms and Reminders alerts, some times my phone is out of my reach or somewhere where I cant feel it and in these situation MyKronoz ZeWatch comes handy.

Sometime I am in a pub or at noisy place where I cant hear ringtone, this MyKronoz ZeWatch vibrates when I got call and you will be notified. You will also be notified when your phone is disconnected, which means if you forget your phone on your desk then you will be notified by vibration.


MyKronoz ZeWatch takes up to 2-3 hours to get fully charged, once its charged you can use it for 3 days or it can provide 2-3 hours or talktime.

Final Verdict On MyKronoz ZeWatch

If we compare MyKronoz ZeWatch with other smartwatch which are available in market like Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch (£300), Sony SmartWatch 2 Android Watch (£120) or Pebble Smartwatch (£130), then it functions are limited but it makes it unique out if those. If you want a smartphone which don’t overload you with its features then you should try this.

Pros :-

  • Nice build quality
  • Good range of Color Options
  • Can answer calls
  • Can play music
  • Alerts you if you leave phone
  • Nice pricing


  • Limited functions
  • Cant dial calls
  • Screen is almost unreadable under sunlight

You can get MyKronoz ZeWatch at £60 from MobileFun.

MyKronoz ZeWatch Reviewed by Rahul Sharma on June 8 2014 Rating: 4.0


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