We had already told you about Google Instant Search which proved search instantly according to your keywords entered.

Instant Search can be useful if you are in hurry and looking for fast search results.

Almost everyone knows about Flickr, it is one of the best Image and Video hosting social networking site used by millions of people.

Now if you are Instant search lover and looking for instant search in Flickr then here is something for you.

Tuarroba’s Flickr Instant search allows you to search fast images on Flickr.

All you need to do is just open it and write your keyword in search box it provides auto-completion, means it will complete the keyword as you start writing.

Once you stop writing it will show search result.It’s a great way to search images on Flickr.

You may use following link to go on Flickr Instant Search Page :-

Flickr Instant Search


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